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    Yup, this is the best.

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    "We found something," he was told. "Some of your counts were really low, and they shouldn’t be low."

    So they set up an appointment, at which point it hit Pagano that this wasn’t anemia or the common cold.

    "They told me who this doctor was (Larry Cripe) and where I had to go (the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center), and I was like this," Pagano said, bending over in his chair, putting his head in his hands. "I’m like, ‘You got to be kidding me.’ "

    - The Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz

    SUNDAY READIndianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano recounts his journey as a cancer patient.

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    GREAT NEWS: Doctors say Chuck Pagano’s cancer is in remission.


    One-Two-Three Chuck!!

    “And my vision
    That I’m living
    Is to see two more daughters
    Getting married
    Dance at their wedding
    And then
    hoist that Lombardi
    Several times”
    — Coach Chuck Pagano in a very emotional locker room speech.

    Get well soon, Coach.

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