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    Broadway Joe

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    Team America: Fashion Police — What do you think about the US uniforms for the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi?

    (Photo: Ralph Lauren)

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    Good morning, Tumblr! We all want Sasha’s sweater, right?

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    Cats! The most Internet of Craig Sager’s ties to date.

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    Greg Toler has the best mouth in the NFL.

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    Good morning, Tumblr! Be your most glamorous self today.

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    Fashion, He Has It. Chris Bosh’s swim trunks are phenomenal.

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    Best. Draft Photo. Ever. Lucas Nogueira, the No. 16 pick in the 2013 NBA draft, gets his photo with the commissioner.

    (Photo via Jerry Lai, USA TODAY Sports)

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    “My nails? This year I’m wearing orange since it goes with the outfit I’ll be wearing here. It has some bright orange trim. I also have five different styles on each finger for my five different titles. One says ‘Pow.’”

    Keep up with Serena Williams through her Wimbledon diary at USA TODAY. 

    Pay attention!



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