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    Kobe Bryant is a proponent of Sunday Funday

    (photo via @seth_rosenthal, Twitter)

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    Kobe Bryant is not afraid of sharks. A short, neat story from Nike designer Eric Avar. (via @heidiburgett)

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    This is crazy but true. Dwight Howard has missed more FTs this year (332) than Steve Nash has in his entire career (322)

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    On this day in sports history…

    March 20, 1990: #33 was officially retired. The Los Angeles Lakers retired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s jersey one year after he announced the end of his NBA career. The storied sky-hooker left the game with more championship rings than fingers on his right hand, and remains the all-time leading NBA scorer (38,387 lifetime points). 

    You might be saying to yourself, “Hey, I wonder what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is up to these days?”…and we have an update! 65-year-old, 7-foot-2 Kareem made a spectacular bellyflopping debut on ABC’s Splash last night. (Splash is a celebrity diving contest, in case you’re mercifully unaware of its existence).

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    GROSS. This is what Kobe Bryant’s ankle looks like right now.

    GROSS. This is what Kobe Bryant’s ankle looks like right now.

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    "Your momma hate me too? She liked me last night." — Dwight

    For what it’s worth, Orlando fans had jokes, too. (Photos)

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    After a messy departure from Orlando, Dwight Howard took a look back at his past actions. He didn’t like much of what he saw.

    Make time to read what Howard told USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick about his Magic past and Lakers future.

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    "Forget You" - a song about Dwight Howard, from Orlando.

    The Orlando Sentinel put together this Cee Lo parody, which the Los Angeles Times said Dwight Howard was watching on his iPad in the locker room before Sunday’s game. #Dwightmare #Forever

    Read the Rest: Dwight Howard enjoys being mocked

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