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    Go Notre Dame Fig Things! What a delicious misspelling.

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    What if the Madness was decided by Academic Progress Rate?

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    Notre Dame rolled out some new unis for the conference tournament.

    Therein lies the point of contention. On on side, classic and tradition. The other, new, hip style for the generation that can’t sit still. Either way, it provides fashion experts as well as average fans a topic to debate as this week’s postseason tournaments get under way this week.

    "It’s cool that there are a wider variety of styles among the college teams," Welch said. "It’s an opportunity for branding but also for a school to express itself in a way. I think you see that with the Baylor uniforms and Baylor colors. To me, it’s cool that a school like Baylor who is defining its athletic identity is making a statement like that.

    "At the same time, when you look at the Notre Dame jersey, the personality and public perception of Notre Dame is already defined and they do not need really outrageous uniforms. In a way, it goes against what you think of when you think of Notre Dame."

    — USA TODAY Sports’ Nicole Auerbach

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    YIKES: Punches were thrown during the Notre Dame-St. John’s game.

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    Te’o said he is not currently dating anyone. But says he’s refused to allow the hoax to change him.

    "The worst thing I could do in this whole situation is change who I am that has brought me to this point," he said. "My trust in people is the same. I’m just more cautious."

    Bottom line is Te’o expects to be judged by what he did in leading Notre Dame to its first undefeated season in decades.

    "I just want them to know, whoever picks me just let them know that you’re choosing someone who loves the game," Te’o said. "I want to be the best at it.

    "It’s because of my work ethic that I’ve come this far."

    — USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Corbett

    Manti Te’o’s exclusive interview with USA TODAY Sports.



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