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    Why is your iPhone is an Oregon State fan?

    Why is your iPhone is an Oregon State fan?

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    So … Chip Kelly *will* coach the Eagles after all.

    How long will it take him to get Philly back to the postseason?

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    IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Oregon and Stanford went into overtime. Oregon lost. And fans drowned their sorrows in Munchies.

    In related news, our definitive NCAA re-rank is all shook up. 

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    MISSING. So many questions. So few answers.


    UPDATE: Breathe easy, America. The head has been recovered.

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    OREGON. Your new No. 1 team in the Coaches Poll.

    The rest: (2) K-State (3) Notre Dame (4) Georgia (5) Alabama

    If Oregon, K-State and ND all remain undefeated, who should meet in the BCS title game?

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