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    On this day in sports history…

    March 21, 2004: Veterans Stadium go boom. It only took 62 seconds for the former home of the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles to implode. 

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    Today is Saturday, Feb. 23. This has been an Andrew Bynum hair update.

    Looks like he finished that half-‘do from this week.

    (Photo via @noamschiller)

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    Well, this is horrifying. (Real, slightly less horrifying, photo)

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    Please rush the court safely, college students of America.

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    So … Chip Kelly *will* coach the Eagles after all.

    How long will it take him to get Philly back to the postseason?

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    First Doug Collins took away Philly fans’ free burgers. Then he gave them back. Or: The absolute best Sports x Holiday story from 2012.

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    Yup, this kid is your NFL Week 14 winner.

    (Original via @dhm)

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    Andrew Bynum: “In hindsight, I guess you shouldn’t go bowling.”

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