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    Ice cream truck + football practice = Magic

    Ice cream truck + football practice = Magic

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    M&T Bank Stadium was closed off after it reached full capacity during the Super Bowl victory celebration.

    That didn’t stop these people.

    Here are more photos.

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    Good morning! Reminder: Bet at your own risk.

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    "If God is for you, who could be against you?" — Ray Lewis

    His moment. Naturally, when Alicia Keys sang the national anthem from a white piano at midfield, Lewis cried. You knew that was coming. It was as predictable as a tourist getting a hangover in the Big Easy.

    What was difficult to predict as the final stanza of the last ride approached was whether Lewis would actually seize the moment in a football sense. No question, his essential will and passion were intact. As usual, he was jacked up, too. He skipped with downright purpose after bolting onto the field for pre-game warm-ups. And the warm-ups ended with yet another fiery speech.

    Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY Sports

    Read the Rest: Ray Lewis’ Rides Off With Championship

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    The Ravens won the Super Bowl!

    Cue the confetti angels!

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    Well there we go: Here’s the logo that will be on Monday’s Sports section.

    Final score: Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31

    Yeah, this will look great.

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    WAIT, WHAT?! Jacoby Jones scored a touchdown on this play. It was pretty amazing.



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