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    The 2013 Caribbean Series was all the better for the increased interest it received on Twitter and in the blogosphere. Baseball is almost always better when it’s shared. Without question the highlights of the week, for me, were Craig Robinson’s and Eric Nusbaum’s on-location tweets and photos, and their essays and illustrations for Sports on Earth. Hopefully you followed along as the Series unfolded. If you didn’t, the Internet is forever; you can read and see their work via the links below.

    Eric Nusbaum and Craig Robinson for Sports on Earth:

    Illustration by Craig Robinson


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    Welcome to the Caribbean Series

    Every year, the best winter league baseball teams from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico meet in a round robin tournament called the Serie del Caribe, or Caribbean Series. The Serie is part high-level tournament and part celebration of Latin American baseball. This year, the event is being held in Hermosillo, Mexico, a city of about 700,000 people located just three hours from the Arizona border.

    Craig Robinson and Eric Nusbaum will be on the scene for Sports on Earth, strolling the concourse at the brand new Estadio Sonora to report on important subjects such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bootleg merchandising and, of course, the action on the field.

    This is going to be neat. Won’t you follow along?

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    Someone is about to get a taste of their own medicine. A team whose rookie quarterback has surprised opponents throughout a late-season hot streak is going to win this game. But which one?

    (Photos by USA TODAY Sports)

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    'Amar'e Stoudemire, Role Player'

    This isn’t the same Knicks team that Stoudemire pulled from the ashes two years ago. There’s more balance, more talent, a bigger star. And lots on the line. The good news for the Knicks is Stoudemire understands this better than anyone knows.

    He doesn’t have to be a star in order for the Knicks to keep rolling in the right direction. But what exactly is he?

    — Shaun Powell, Sports on Earth

    Read the Rest: The Amar’e Stoudemire Reclamation Project

    (Photo by Anthony Gruppuso, USA TODAY Sports)

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    Will Leitch tries to figure out what happened to Rick Reilly for Sports on Earth.

    Meanwhile, Bill Simmons offers up what will now be known as the “Steve Young bro-face.”

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    "He will play in the Masters even though he was born in 1998, so let us all take a moment to kill ourselves."

    Lunch Read: An 8th grader qualified for The Masters. How?

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    What Floyd Landis believed would be a liberating truth more than two years ago — I doped, Lance Armstrong doped, we all doped — has turned into a personal purgatory. And for Armstrong, the most damning revelations may be yet to come.

    Read Selena Roberts @ Sports on Earth



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