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    Kevin Durant sent LeBron James a message on Wednesday night.

    (Photo: Steve Mitchell, USA TODAY Sports)

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    James Harden and the Rockets aren’t letting up against the Thunder, forcing a Game 6 after Wednesday’s 107-100 win.

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    Kevin Durant, you guys.

    Magic Johnson is offering a $1 million prize for the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest if LeBron James finally will enter it. But why stop there? Let’s get Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant in that thing, too.

    — USA TODAY Sports’ Adi Joesph

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    Russell Westbrook’s 3-point celebration > most other 3-point celebrations

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    Russell Westbrook, you guys.

    (via @jose3030)

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    "There is no defense for Kevin Durant."

    Well said, Jeff Van Gundy. This is just ridiculous.

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    Russell Westbrook is the best.

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