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    "When the World Cup finishes, what are we gonna have? Only stadiums!"

    Brazilian soccer journalist Thiago Dias

    Our week in Brazil kicks off today on All Things Considered.

    (via consideringbrazil)

    NPR is in Brazil ahead of the World Cup x Olympics. Pay attention.

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    The 2014 World Cup is in Brazil, which is facing a terrifying bee problem.

    This story has sports, bees, fire and hazmat suits.

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    Honduras beat the U.S. 2-1 in a World Cup qualifier, but Juan Carlos Garcia’s equalizer was something to behold.

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    Things you need to know for Wednesday

    Lance Armstrong is stepping down from Livestrong

    Last night was all about AMERICA(’s World Cup qualifying)

    Beyonce will be performing at the Super Bowl … Ray Lewis could too

    Justin Verlander was pitching for the Tigers last night. Bad news for the Yankees

    A high school soccer player in Utah kicked her opponent in the face

    Did Stanford get robbed against Notre Dame? Nope, so don’t even start

    If Tom Brady is anything, he’s classy (see link and hair)

    Hey! The NHL lockout might be over soon! Yes, there is currently an NHL lockout

    What have been the best Super Bowl halftime shows ever? These!!!

    Picture to get you over hump day

    "HEY RODGERS!!!"

    How hard was Justin Verlander throwing?



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