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    NFL logos as soccer shields is the best thing on the Internet.


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    Stunning. Jaw-dropping photos from the Singapore Grand Prix.

    (Photos via Getty Images)

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    We got an inside tour of Oregon’s insane new football facility.

    The mandate for players’ locker room was “no smell.” So to combat that, each German-built locker is fitted with its own ventilation system guaranteed to desiccate the sweatiest, stinkiest shoulder pads in an hour.

    Read the Rest: This place is much nicer than your home.

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    The NFLPA is now selling these awesome LGBT pride t-shirts.


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    Anyone need a new iPhone case? (via @GianCasimiro)

    Anyone need a new iPhone case? (via @GianCasimiro)

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    Falcons planning the most insane stadium ever, What does $1B dollars worth of American currency buy? “Football in the Round,” apparently.

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    You can vote for one of these logos on

    Much more on the CFB Playoff at

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    Welcome to our FRANKENPARKWhat would the most awesome ballpark in the world look like? We dreamed this up and we love it.

    See all the details here:

    You look like a sharp baseball fan. What would you add?

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    FIU really went ahead with their beach-towel basketball court. Awesome. 

    Ridiculous. Beautiful.



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