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    She has a point. 


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    Phil wins the British Open. He shared the moment with family.

    (Photo via Rob Carr, Getty Images)

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    Hey, Tumblr! Let’s share #SportsWithDad memories. 

    Tell us a short story or send us a picture of you and your dad doing something Sports. We’ll feature some of our favorites on Tumblr and for Father’s Day. Go! Go! Go!

    Got one to share?

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    ADORABLE: Kobe steals a kiss at halftime.

    Here’s more on Kobe’s time with his daughter.

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    But why does Kobe play piano? The best reason, that’s why.

    "I learned moonlight by ear. reminded me of strength, fragility, joy,love, pain etc.. I learned it for Vanessa #ourjourney"

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    Matt Kemp’s grandma tried to get him to stop getting tattoos. So he did this.

    (via Instagram)

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