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    Today’s Front Page. This weekend, it’s all about the NFL.

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    No rookie has ever passed for more yards in a single season than this Colt.

    (Photo by John Rieger, USA TODAY Sports)

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    Awesome. You have to love these Colts cheerleaders, and #CHUCKSTRONG. 

    Colts cheerleaders shave heads for cancer research

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    LUCK VS SKILL. #ShotsFired (from a pun gun!) in today’s Boston Herald.

    (Source: Newseum / via @EyeOnNFL)

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    GREAT NEWS: Doctors say Chuck Pagano’s cancer is in remission.


    One-Two-Three Chuck!!

    “And my vision
    That I’m living
    Is to see two more daughters
    Getting married
    Dance at their wedding
    And then
    hoist that Lombardi
    Several times”
    — Coach Chuck Pagano in a very emotional locker room speech.

    Get well soon, Coach.

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    VICK BALLARD! Awesome touchdown. Awesome photo. Awesome video.



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