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    Indy is now Andrew Luck’s city.

    All the fans that wore half-Colt, half-Bronco jerseys Sunday night should all go out and buy new Luck jerseys. There is no question who is the new sheriff in town. The Colts franchise belongs to Andrew Luck.

    Here’s more from The Q.

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    Good morning, Tumblr! Two Mannings, one front page.

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    'Oh my God, how great is Peyton?'

    Pretty great, actually. Manningn became the first quarterback to ever throw 12 touchdowns without an interception by Week 3 and lead the Broncos to a 37-21 win against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night. 

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Just doing my job, ma’am. #WinningSmile

12 TDs through three games. Not bad.


    Just doing my job, ma’am. #WinningSmile

    12 TDs through three games. Not bad.

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    "Only other quarterbacks know what a quarterback feels and sees out there and what it’s like after certain plays or certain throws. I think you do have great camaraderie and have a lot in common," Manning said.

    That’s why their weekend together in Augusta this spring was so special.

    As they walked the fairways, they could talk, quarterback to quarterback, Bronco to Bronco.

    — Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports

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    The Manning bros made a rap video. Here’s an exclusive first look at this ridiculousness

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    Two of the NFL’s best. One goodbye.

    DENVER – They met at midfield for the coin toss before the first overtime – Ray Lewis sleeveless and smoldering in the single-digit temperatures, Peyton Manning bundled in a big blue winter coat.

    They hugged and shared private comments on the field, minutes after the game ended.

    They met in the empty visitors locker room a little more than an hour later — Lewis in a grey three-piece suit, wearing gold-rimmed glasses; Manning in a darker jacket and slacks, standing a few inches taller than his rival.

    They talked about an epic of a football game that served as a goodbye — but Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and not Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, will play next week.

    Read the rest: Robert Klemko @ USA TODAY Sports

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