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    We’re not sure if today’s Sports logo is under the weather or a doctor.

    He’s cute, though, right?

    He (or she!) is a surgeon!

    The reason: We got an exclusive look at Marcus Lattimore as he tries to come back from the most gruesome injury of the YouTube Era. 

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    After suffering a major knee injury, it’s great to see Marcus Lattimore back on the sidelines.

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    Jadeveon Clowney. Wow.


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    Yes we do! #gococks #gomarcus #sec #gamecocks #uofsc #football

    VERY COOL. South Carolina honors Marcus Lattimore at halftime.

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    'Our players that are 21?'

    Do not look to college football coaches for any commentary on American democracy.

    That quote is how Steve Spurrier responded when asked today whether he’d allow his players time to vote between class, practice and game preparation.

    Steve Spurrier does not know how the age at which you can vote.

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    * Terrible: Marcus Lattimore suffers gruesome knee injury
    * Touching: Both teams gathered around him in a show of support

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    PUTTING ON A SHOW: These Gators weren’t messing around today.

    No. 4 Florida beat No. 8 South Carolina 44-11.

    (Photo: Kim Klement / US Presswire)



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